Mario Carrozzo

Aged 14, Mario showed a natural aptitude for enterprise while still at school, working alongside his father in the family property and catering business. It was here that he gained invaluable life skills and experience, which played an instrumental part in his later success. Mario acquired and developed his first property aged 18, from his own savings. He used the experience to expand his skills in planning, construction and housing, and over the years developed a strong contact book in the property and banking sectors. Over the past 25 years Mario has continued to run several successful property businesses and he has generated a substantial self-made portfolio. Mario has fine tuned the ability to source an opportunity and to see it's as yet unapparent value, making him a true entrepreneur.

In 2009, following the recession, Mario founded Caridon Property, having identified a gap in the market to assist individuals hit by the economic downturn. Using his acquired knowledge and experience as a landlord, he pioneered one of the first rent guarantee schemes in London, assuring a reliable income for landlords and acting as a guarantor for vulnerable tenants who were struggling to find accommodation. Caridon Property has grown rapidly and is now part of the award-winning Caridon Group, a multi-million pound property development and lettings company, dedicated to serving the local communities it operates in.

A highly respected property entrepreneur, industry campaigner and dedicated family man, Mario continues to apply the same hands-on approach and determination to every project he undertakes. His passion towards social responsibility guides the vision of the Caridon Group, which aims to create new opportunities and fairer housing for all.

His motto is “Always lead by example, believe in what you do and why you do it! ”.