Caridon group is built on a foundation of experience, belief and entrepreneurial spirit.

Caridon was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and property developer Mario Carrozzo who has over 25 years of experience in the development and housing sector. He launched a new type of letting agency, which was run by landlords for landlords. The business offered the unique concept of guaranteed rent. The model was a success despite the recession at the time and Caridon grew quickly, evolving to become the Caridon Group, which diversified into acquisition and development. Within five years of launch, the company managed 1,000 properties in all 32 London Boroughs, employed 30 staff and had acquired land for the development of 800 units.

The sustainable and secure business model attracted continued investment and in 2015 Caridon Group secured financial backing to further grow its property portfolio.

Through its diverse subsidiaries, Caridon Group develops, retains and manages property, keeping operations in-house. Its growing asset portfolio is backed by high rental yields underpinned by a tangible asset base, making investment particularly secure.

Through expertise, ambition and responsibility Caridon Group continues to achieve dynamic, sustainable growth.